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Patio Heaters for the Outdoors

Shop Bromic patio heaters for your cafe or bar.

Just because it’s cold out there, doesn’t mean that you should end the patio season! Outdoor heaters provide the warmth you need to continue sitting in the outdoor dining spaces and enjoying the weather. Bromic Heating Depot USA offers an extensive range of Bromic Electric & Gas Patio Heaters with different sizes and styles to choose from. The amazing collection of Eclipse, Tungsten, Platinum, and Marine heaters is perfect for any outdoor space. All our models will work perfectly in your backyard, restaurant patio, rooftop, café, or commercial space! Don’t wait until summer to sit outside and enjoy spending time with your friends and family. Now, you can enjoy the outdoor events on your patio, without worrying about getting cold. Keep your party going outside! With a proper electric or gas patio heater, you can extend the outdoor season and create a comfortable environment for your guests.

Patio heaters provide comfort and style to your home or commercial space. Staying outside throughout all year is essential for having a relaxed time. The Bromic Eclipse, Tungsten, Platinum, and Bromic Marine heaters are modern, high-quality, and cost-efficient compared to other alternative heating methods.


Electric Patio Heaters

The electric patio heaters do a fantastic job of keeping your exterior spaces warm during the winter. One of the most important benefits of electric patio heaters is flexibility. They are able to heat huge areas, up to 160 ft2, which makes them perfect for any home or commercial area.

Among the most common locations where electric heaters are used are restaurant patios, backyard patios, bars, rooftops, and commercial spaces. Electric heaters can be mounted on walls or ceilings. Electrical heater installation must be done by professional certified and licensed technicians or electricians.  

The Bromic patio heaters come in different shapes and sizes to suit every outdoor space’s preferences. These heaters produce instant radiant heat that warms objects, not air. Therefore, the electric patio heater allows you to sit in your chair, sip your cup of coffee, or host your dinner with a comforting warmth!

Almost all electric patio heaters have simple touch-button controls, allowing you to easily operate them and quickly heat the outdoor area. This makes them easy to use and perfect for a wide range of spaces. Check out our promotions for the best deals

Bromic Eclipse Portable Heater


Gas Patio Heaters

The gas patio heaters can come in two versions – natural gas and propane. Nevertheless, both types are popular for their powerful heating options. These heaters are able to cover a wider outdoor area, up to 215 ft2. Compared to electric patio heaters, gas patio heaters need at least 25% of the outdoor space to be open so that they can work properly.

Since they require a wider area, the gas patio heaters are ideal for bigger restaurant or cafe patios, as well as for larger commercial spaces or backyards. But, they can be easily moved around depending on where you want to place them. And don’t worry; the gas heaters are equipped with ceramic fascias, protecting the burner from the wind.

Similar to the electric heaters, the Bromic patio heaters will provide warmth in abundance in all outdoor spaces, both home, and commercial. In addition, they provide quiet heating, which is perfect for outdoor dining spaces, parties, and any type of outdoor event.

Of course, the gas patio heaters require professional installation by a certified technician for safe operation but provide you with a greater heat output than the electric heaters. They come with modern designs, making them blend in easily in different outdoor areas.


About Bromic Heating Depot USA

Bromic Heating Depot USA is the leader in outdoor heating solutions. For over a decade, Bromic has been revolutionizing the way home and commercial patio spaces are heated throughout all year. We provide modern and luxury outdoor heating products to suit everyone’s needs and preferences.

Bromic Heating Depot USA prides itself in delivering top-notch patio heaters for luxury restaurants, downtown bars, cafes, hotels, and rooftops, as well as for homes. We offer a variety of patio heaters that run on electric or gas. We only sell patio heaters with high-end materials and durable technologies.