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Bromic Heating Eclipse Series

Eclipse Smart-Heat™ Electric Portable Heaters for Bar & Restaurant Patios

Bromic Heating offers an incredible range of eclipse heaters that bring warmth and light to modern outdoor spaces. The Eclipse range of heaters includes advanced heating technology, which gives the heaters more energy-saving capabilities, suitable for commercial and hospitality heating. With Bromic’s Electric series, you’ll go straight from dinner to drinks! These heaters are designed with ceramic screens and matte black appearances, providing the customers with the perfect balance of style and functionality. Moreover, they’re ideal for heating the seating areas in your patio or garden. Finally, eclipse portable heater will perfectly fit commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels, pubs, coffee shops, and more. Check our collection of Eclipse Heaters and make your pick!

The Eclipse Smart-Heat Portable heater comes with our Eclipse Dimmer Controller and wireless remote, so you can quickly adjust both the heat output and gradually dim the lights to achieve the right level of comfort required for any situation. Bromic Heating Eclipse is the top choice for outdoor patio heating

Bromic Heating - The best outdoor gas heaters are available right here from our warehouse in Southern California. We are the top supplier of Eclipse patio heaters for residential and commercial outdoor spaces. Bromic Heating Depot USA is your one-stop-shop for restaurant heaters, patio and, bar heaters as well as for private home backyards. Choose from Marine grade heaters to all types of electric heating with remote control features.


Bromic heating eclipse portable electric heaterBromic heating eclipse portable electric heater
eclipse portable heater