Looking for the perfect electric heater for your business, restaurant, café, or other commercial space? Whether you need something portable, wall mounted, powerful, or with added safety features, there are a variety of commercial electric heaters to consider. This guide provides all the information you need to make an informed decision for your heating needs.


Figure Out Wattage Requirements.

Before you start shopping for a commercial electric heater, make sure you have an idea of the wattage requirements you need. In general, the larger the space and the colder the environment you’re trying to heat, the higher the wattage required. You should also consider what temperature you want your space to reach and how quickly – this will affect how much wattage is necessary. Bromic heating offers multiple models for the wattage options such as 2000W, 4000W and 6000W. You can check out the Bromic 6000W tungsten smart-heat electric patio heater or 4K W electric heater for any commercial space. Boasting a high-temperature coating and stainless steel construction, the Tungsten Electric heater is suitable for any environment.


Determine the Size and Portability Needs.

The size and portability of your commercial electric heater are important considerations. If you need to move the heater from one space to another, weight and mobility may be a key factor. You also want to think about how much space is available for your heater – whether it’s too big for your target area or if it needs an outlet that may not exist. Consider all these factors before making a purchase! See the specifications chart below for the best option.  


Identify Safety Standards & Certifications.

It’s important to research the product you are purchasing and ensure it meets safety regulations and standards. Your commercial electric heater should bear certain certifications for product safety as well as certification from a nationally accredited testing laboratory like UL or CSA. Checking for correct wattage, proper ventilation, and other potential safety issues will help ensure your heater is working properly and safely in whatever environment it is used in.


Silent Operation

One of the great features of an electric patio heater is that they operate silently. This makes them an ideal choice for backyards, courtyards, and al fresco dining areas as they won't disrupt conversations or disturb neighbors. Electric patio heaters also don’t produce smoke like gas or charcoal heaters can, so you can stay warm without the worry of unpleasant odours and fumes in the air.



Electric patio heaters offer unparalleled heating flexibility. Unlike other types of patio heaters, electric heaters come equipped with easy-to-use, adjustable controls that allow users to provide just the right amount of warmth. This heating flexibility means users can fine-tune the temperature of their outdoor space until it is comfortable for everyone present.